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Transparency and Combatting Corruption

Inter RAO Group is committed to increasing the transparency of its Russian and international business and protecting the interests of its shareholders, partners and employees against risks associated with corruption.

Our Hotline is an efficient tool for combatting corruption and other unlawful activities.

If you become aware of:

  • planned or committed corrupt activities, fraud or theft;
  • violations of procurement processes;
  • misuse or abuse of authorities ;
  • other actions which may cause damage to our property or business reputation;

please contact our Hotline immediatly via the following email addresses:

Your message is about e-mail
Operations of generating facilities
Energy sales
Foreign assets
Other issues

Your message will be promptly reviewed by the respective department of Inter RAO, which is independent of management and reports directly to the Board.

An independent audit will be conducted on any issues reported. Confidentiality of all reports is guaranteed.

We recommend including a contact name and details in your report in case we need further information.

If the issues outlined in the report are confirmed, the report will be submitted to the corporate security service and company management for immediate action.