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About Us

Inter RAO - Export LLC is a field-specific company within Inter RAO Group, established in 2011, with the aim of development of international business in power equipment supply and engineering, including construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of power facilities. The company also acts as an agent on promotion of the products and services of Inter RAO Group at global markets.

Our projects under implementation:

  • Total value of the contracts - about USD two bln
  • Total capacity of the power facilities under construction – 1231 MW
  • Total capacity of the generation equipment supplied – 1655 MW

The company’s business initially covered the countries of Latin America, such as Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador. Besides, development strategy of INTER RAO - Export aims at entering new promising markets both in South America and other regions, including Africa, Middle East, South and South-Eastern Asia.

The new promising projects of the company comprise construction of power generation facilities with the total installed capacity over 2 GW.

Inter RAO – Export carries out non-stop market scanning and studying of potential projects.

The official representative office of the Company functions in the Republic of Ecuador.