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Mission and Strategy

The Mission of Inter RAO – Export LLC embraces development of international engineering business of Inter RAO Group, contribution to growth of Russian non-commodity exports, strengthening Russia’s international economic ties, and facilitating foreign markets penetration for national manufacturers of power equipment. 

The Development Strategy and ensuring the company’s competitive advantages is based on a deep comprehensive research of contemporary trends in international energy markets and providing the clients with a wide range of solutions for project execution in the field of power engineering and equipment supply.



  • Expansion of the business footprint: strengthening market positions in Latin America and entering new markets in Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and the Middle East;
  • Building stable long-term relationships with major energy companies, government authorities and financial institutions, both in Russia and abroad;
  • Enhancing cooperation with the industry leaders in power machinery manufacturing, as well as with enterprises developing innovative technologies for power industry in order to facilitate unlocking their export potential.
  • Participation in international alliances for execution of large-scale energy projects overseas;
  • Development and implementation of the best global practices for project management;
  • Growing our business in accordance with Russia’s energy strategy and Inter RAO Group’s strategy for international development.